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We’re on a mission to help our clients grow their business by identifying their message and connecting them with their target audience.
Our vision is to do that by getting to the heart of the matter and finding out the real story that makes them stand out from the crowd.
Our focus is Public Relations and we use on and offline means to amplify our clients messages.
It works and we have achieved great coverage in print, broadcast and digital.
You want to get your message heard – give us a call.

Our public relations campaigns are designed to achieve results. Don’t take our word for it read what some of our clients say.

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What We Do:

Public Relations
Public Relations is all about communicating effectively with the right people. One size doesn’t fit all.

Carmel Harrison PR can help you identify your key messages, target audience and bring them together.

Being a small organisation we appreciate that budgets have to deliver results which is why we listen to what you want to achieve and then work with you to reach those goals.

Carmel Harrison PR use all channels and avenues available to develop a PR strategy to achieve your goals.
Strategies include:

• Media engagement
• Speaker platforms
• Content creation
• Internal communications
• Event management
• Product endorsement
• Sponsorship packages

Social Media
Social Media has taken traditional PR to another level, helping you communicate in a more targeted way with a specific audience while opening new markets.

At the heart of your social media campaign is content – showing people what you do, why people should be interested in you and how you are different to your competitors.

We integrate social media into your PR toolbox to create powerful campaigns, combining traditional and digital strategies.

Social media is a great way of successfully engaging with your target audience but it must be strategic, working towards agreed goals. Ultimately any public relations and social media campaigns must deliver your objectives, not just drive up numbers. Carmel Harrison PR has a track record of helping our customers engage with customers to convert interest to user sales.

Let us bring your brand to life with a personality so you can engage on a new level with your consumers.
Our social media services include:

• Social media account set up
• Social media management
• Social media analysis and monitoring
• Website management
• Blog content

Event Management
Event management is a major investment for any organisation but we can make sure that your events will deliver great results.

Carmel Harrison PR has experience of successfully organising high profile events for as few as ten to as many as 500. We understand the immensity of project management and leave no stone unturned in our pursuit of delivering a smooth running, well attended and memorable event, leaving you free to enjoy it.

Our testimonials

  • Sampson products

    Simon Banks of Sampson Products, after publication of a news item in regional business media. “Thanks for the exposure, it’s appreciated.
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