Endorsements are generally great for any business despite a recent EU ruling that celebrities must make it clear if they are being paid to back a product.

Business doesn’t have the same issue because satisfied customers offer testimonials for a job well done.

But when you are a busy manufacturer and you know that the best advert is the thumbs up from one of your happy customers how do you capitalise on the chance?

Working in public relations a lot of the good news stories we use to raise the profile of our customers is based on case studies.

When writing them as well as asking our own customers what the challenge of each project was we ask their customer what the specific issues with each project were and how they were overcome.

There is usually a glowing recommendation or testimonial that drops out of the bottom. As well as the detail of each project we want a simple one line phrase or sentence that sums up our customer’s brand values.

These could be phrases such as: “They always go the extra mile” “the attention to detail, meeting our deadline and keeping within budget”, “XX company puts people first and this shines through everything from customer service to how the treat their own team.”

Everyone is embarrassed asking for a testimonial, but they say more than you ever can in your own sales pitch. To avoid missing out on real endorsements get in touch. Email carmel@carmelharrisonpr.com to see how we can make you shine.