When I was growing up, Facebook was barely functional and there was no Twitter at all. For me and for many others, it was simply Bebo and MySpace.
They’re relics of another era.
Social media is more than a social tool, it’s a key marketing and engagement platform for businesses and non for profit organisations.
Because of its increasing popularity with Twitter registering more than 580 million users worldwide, we’re now at the point where the question has been asked for any business; can you afford not to have a presence on social media?
Some UK businesses and SMEs are still reluctant to embrace social media. I know that only too recently, one of our clients was sceptical of using social media because it wasn’t fully aware of the benefits.
Social media is critical for business to raise awareness and drive up engagement with other organisations whilst also getting both your message and your brand out there to the many other industry leaders and sector businesses.
You can also utilise it to generate publicity for your website and your content such as a blog. You can utilise this to drive up website traffic too.
If you maximise social media the rewards can be extremely beneficial for your organisation as well as the reach.
The longer you remain offline means the more catching up you’ll have to do in the long run!

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