The one regret I have about my own education is that I never had the chance of formal work experience linked to school or college. Students today are encouraged and even made in some cases to go out and seek the opportunities. Here at Carmel Harrison PR we welcome enthusiastic students eager to find out what the world of work is really like how our industry operates and if it is for them. The following was written by Georgia from Pontefract New College who spent a day with us recently.

Ever since the 1990s when work experience was made compulsory young adults have been gaining key skills and knowledge about the working world before they have even begun.
Recently there have been studies that show that our education system is failing to prepare adequate workers and is unable to prepare our students for the real world of work. This means students start work with optimistic ideas which in most cases are not met.
Work experience enables young adults to grasp a vital understanding of the management and logistics of companies, and even influence some individuals to take career paths they would have never even considered.
Allowing young adults to experience such a beneficial opportunity really does help individuals experience something totally new. It also encourages many young adults to push harder and reach their aspirations as the work experience gives them a sense of what they could achieve.
Many employees are finding it difficult to meet the demand for staff with efficient and relevant experience. The opportunity to do work experience means not only are the individuals benefiting but also larger companies as more and more individuals are coming into the work place with experience, even if it is just minor.
Many areas of study are now identifying that merging study with a chance of work experience is preparing better equipped workers.
Many universities are also offering chances to take a year out during your degree to take a work placement. Anybody at an early stage who has the opportunity to take work experience, it would be highly recommended. Georgia

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