With social media marketing on the rise, the mistakes that come with it are becoming increasingly common, especially for beginners.

Most mistakes are made with good intentions, but these could have a detrimental impact on your business growth and brand as a whole.

Some simple changes in attitude, activity or a simple refocus can have a dramatic impact.  Here are a few things to avoid:

  1. Trying everything at once

People who are new to social media sometimes start being active on multiple networks and usually find poor results.  This is due to a lack of focus, with one single network easily providing better results than the combined effort of others.

Social media marketing requires more than a simple sign up task.  It is key to understand the basics of each network and its audience before you see results.  Getting social media right can take time but once it is done well, it can provide great results.

  1. Not getting the basics right

This mistake comes in many varieties. It may be the broken blog layout, the missing bio or profile picture on Twitter or simply the lack of content.

Before you start hectic activity in every network you can find, get things right on your end first.  Fill out the profile in every network you sign up for.  Upload an profile picture, which is recognisable and fits the dimension requirements in the network.  Make your content shareable and share-worthy. Decide on the content you are going to use in Social Media and where you are going to get it from.

  1. Expecting too much in a short time

Many people expect measurable results in numbers of sales after a few days or weeks.  While some results in metrics like followers, engagement or traffic should show after a few weeks, the real and huge success of social media is for the persistent with a consistent social media strategy who keep going for months and years.

Social media marketing takes time. Don’t compare yourself to social media giants. Creating an editorial calendar and social media schedule is a great way to help with consistency.

  1. Not being clear about the short AND long term goals

Many people start Social Media without a clear goal in mind.  How can you decide what actions are going in the right direction if you do not even know which direction you want to take?

You need to be clear about why you are doing Social Media, what results you expect in what time and how you are going to measure if you are getting any closer to reaching your goals.

Amplify your business message and strategically place your company in front of your target audience with a successful social media strategy.  For more help or information, contact Carmel Harrison PR at carmel@carmelharrisonpr.com or phone us on 07714 708271.


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