What is PR?

The number of times I am asked What is PR is infantastimal.   It means different things to different people.

It is Raising Profile, having good Public Relations with everyone who has any kind of involvement with your business, ensuring a Positive Reaction to your organisation, Employee Engagement and good Crisis Communications.  Importantly it is all about adding  Profit on Return.

Whatever you want to interpret PR as you have to be certain that you have a very clear sense of what your organisation is about, the key messages you want to send to everyone involved with your organisation and a clear stategy for communicating with your target audience.

I ask every new client the same key question.  What do you want to achieve?

It sounds obvious, but it isn’t.  Some have personal aspirations, others corporate and commercial.  Ultimately they all want to use PR to help drive their organisation higher into their target audience mindset to help boost growth.  Which is why PR stands for Profit on Return.

It may mean doing that in different ways such as eking out the stories behind a new product, or propelling a key individual into the spotlight as  a thought leader, or a social media strategy or identifying a platform for speaking on a seemingly unrelated subject.

All roads lead to the same business objective, the use  of Public Relations to communicate  your key messages to your target audience to drive growth and boost Profit on Return.

Simple isn’t it?   There are no smoke and mirrors, just the simple business rules of understanding what your organisation stands for, identifying its core values, its mission and vision and communicating that in the most effective way to your target audience.

If that sounds like you contact us.

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