JOURNALISM has come under sustained and heavy attack in recent weeks.
Politicians and convicts lay claim to be journalists and accuse trained reporters as having their own agenda when the truth doesn’t match their message.
Living in worrying times, it compounds the threat to Freedom of Speech and Democracy.
A relatively unregulated social media and the digital landscape have all changed the way we consume and promote ‘news’ and views, coupled with undisciplined and volatile people in positions of leadership who lack filters as keyboard cowboys.
A man known as Tommy Robinson was recently found guilty of interfering with a trial and when sentenced declared it an attack on ‘Journalism’. It was no such thing.
He isn’t, and never has been a journalist, and it is a dis-service to those who practice the profession with honour and integrity that he is mentioned in the same phrase as the industry.
Many writers ply their trade conscious of the need to adhere to strict legal regulation and with respect for both the law and their fellow man.
At the same time, many politicians sound off without engaging their brain.
Don’t get me wrong, as a former journalist turned PR practitioner, there are times when I crave more malleable journalists to publish everything that my clients want to promote. But I understand what is and what isn’t news and respect their judgement.
Everyone has an opinion and a right to hold that dear. I am the first to defend Freedom of Speech. But that must be tempered within the law of the land and what is decent and honourable.
As we tread unchartered waters over the coming months, we all need to be aware of both our rights and responsibilities.
We may have the right to Freedom of Speech but, living in a community we have a collective responsibility to do all we can to uphold that by being responsible.

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