PR seems to puzzle people. Many can’t get their heads round the concept that raising your profile in a positive way is good PR and should be embedded in your communications policy.
PR isn’t rocket science but it can flummox even the most intelligent. What is blindingly obvious to one is incomprehensible to another. Working in PR I am constantly looking and thinking of opportunities for clients. Here are a few things that anyone can do everyday.

1.) Case studies – word of mouth is still one of the best validations for any business.  Just make sure they tell everyone via your website so your content is fresh and Google can recognise it.

2.) New products – you might launch a  new product or service every week but your customers, old present and potential don’t know that.   Make sure there is  a suitable heading on your webpage and that you send out a press release.  We write excellent pressers and can even train your team to do them.

3.) Staff appointments – new staff bring new skills and make your busness offer more attractive to your customers but if they don’t know you’re wasting your time and money.  Most regional and business publications have a new appointments section weekly.  Again we write excellent press releases and can train your staff to write them.  Don’t forget a good photo or to add them to the team page on the website.

4.) Awards – have you been nominated, shortlisted or won one?  If so tell everyone.  It validates what you do and makes you a more attractive supplier or manufacturer.

5.) Work in the community – it matters to a lot of people.  Make sure you tell your customers, suppliers and your team.  They will be pleased as punch and become advocates for your business.  Great photos will make it even more appealing to your customers.

6.) Signed a deal – good news for you good news for the client you signed it with.  You both get good PR from it and exposure in your target markets.

7.) Hunting for business – if you’re joining a trade delegation that’s great.  It demonstrates how you have invested in your business which your existing clients back home would like to know about.Above all don’t forget to post all this information on your website with good photos and then in your social media channels to make sure you cover all bases.  If you want any advice or help – give us a call.



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