This weekend saw CHPR actively at work in our local community pulling pints, pouring prosecco and ticket-touting on the tombola at OultonFest in support of the community sports club that organises this annual fundraising event.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) – support for the community in which your company operates – is often an area which is overlooked in the cut and thrust of business management and yet it can be of such benefit:

• Supporting good causes that your employees are involved in or associate with can help boost employee morale;

• Actively getting involved – not just handing over a cheque – can be a useful training / personal development tool for employees whose personal skills you might want to cultivate as well as providing valuable team building opportunities;

• Building good relationships with your neighbourhood can help to mitigate in those situations such as when planning permission is being sought or there might be an environmental issue, where a less constructive relationship could make it even more tricky to resolve.

• Customers and potential customers can put a high premium on your commitment to the local community in which you live or work. Manufacturers in particular benefit because many overseas customers judge suppliers on their internal and community based relationships.

The value of planned, managed CSR is endless.

If you’d like to establish more of a positive footprint within your local community why not give CHPR a call? We can help seek out opportunities and build community links that will add value to your business. Contact us at or call 01924 632269.

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