PUBLIC relations is all about communications.
Listening to what people say and what they want to say.
Until 1967 the gay community were ostracised for being homosexual and many remained in the margins of society.
Afraid to openly talk about themselves to retain their anonymity and safety they used a term ‘Friends of Dorothy’ when meeting other men, a reference to the Wizard of Oz character, Dorothy.
In 1967 homosexuality was decriminalised and young gay men and women were able to come out. But now, as many of those then young adults age they face social isolation as their partners die and they contemplate an old age amongst contemporaries who lack the tolerance of younger generations.
Carmel Harrison PR was proud to help launch the Leeds Friends of Dorothy group last year to celebrate 50 years of decriminalisation of homosexuality and a social club to fight social isolation faced by older LGBT+ people. This weekend they celebrate the anniversary with a ruby slipper ball at the Queen’s Hotel, where else?
We’ve supported the ball with sponsorship and some pro bono work. We’re also highlighting the work of Howard Rushfirth, a Yorkshire artist who has painted a limited edition set of three drawings including the featured Young Hockney With Pride.
If you would like to sponsor and support you can buy tickets, or buy one of Howard’s paintings with a donation from each sale going to FoD visit.