HEADLINES have been dominated for years now by Brexit. While we’re now almost a one trick story the tone and atmosphere has become ever more febrile with ever deepening divisions.
The language is becoming ever more hostile with parties becoming more entrenched. As parties exchange insults and brick bats both sides forget their mutual responsibility in launching what is an ever more febrile and hostile environment.
Public Relations comes to the fore as all parties look to set the tone for future relations as everyone engaged in business promotion does in some way. For example how should parties deal with each other depending on the quality of relation ship they ant beyond the immediate.
In the heat of the moment it is difficult to imagine that you could want to work alongside someone you currently hold in great antipathy but in a professional arena thinking long term is vital.
Setting the right tone early on colours all future dealings.
For example if you position yourself as a firm but fair negotiator then all parties understand how to deal with you. However, taking a negative aggressive approach and being offensive says more about you than it does about your adversary, who could become your long term business partner, or not!
An important lesson I learnt at the beginning of my career was that words cannot be unsaid or unwritten and can come back to haunt you. As can the way you handle people.
A cheap jibe may attract a few laughs, but the content can bounce back particularly if it is untrue and malicious.
I was always taught that good manners cost nothing. They are free, but often for some in the public arena they can be expensive to learn and costly if not properly employed.
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