Cosmetics brand Lush is quitting social media as it explained on Twitter that it was “making it harder” for the brand to communicate with its consumers.

“We are tired of fighting with algorithms, and we do not want to pay to appear in your newsfeed,” reads the first of several tweets.

Lush isn’t the first, and possibly won’t be the last major brand to moderate or leave social media.


If used properly and strategically, social media can dramatically boost business.

But if used incorrectly, social media campaigns can have fierce consequences and cost a high price whilst doing so.

Lush recently suspended an ad campaign following a storm of criticism on social media due to a campaign related to the claims of wrongdoing by undercover officers in England and Wales.

This failure in communications is financially costly too, with the average UK firm expected to allocate 45% of their marketing budget to online by 2020.

For a culturally ethical brand such as Lush which places a high value on how it is perceived by young, influenced consumers it is also reputationally damaging.  It probably played no small part in them reassessing their communication budget and priorities.  Given the value they place on the relationship with young consumers they possibly judged remaining vulnerable on social media was too high a price to pay.

This demonstrates the evolution of social media and its ironic ability to now close the conversation between brand and consumers.

As a Public Relations agency, we recognise the value of social media and the importance of doing it properly, but we also highly value face-to-face contact and a more personal relationship between customers.

We have a wealth of experience gaining crucial coverage for customers in traditional media as well as improving their networks digitally.

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