I have always loved art and on a recent trip to Antwerp took advantage of the chance to visit the home of the Renaissance artist, Paul Reubens.

A large house with sizeable gardens it gave lie to the myth of poor painters seeking out a living in a turret.

On our way out we passed through a courtyard and another myth was shattered, the one about Public Relations being glamorous.

I came face to face with a team from a European magazine doing a photo shoot of a glamorous couple.

At ground level running around in searing heat with no protection from the sun was a team of photo journalists, editorial assistants and camera crew.

The one person who really caught my eye was out of sight.  Apart from his arm holding a large and apparently heavy lamp.

He never flinched for a minute and we watched for half an hour.

It’s what journalism is all about.  Many young people are attracted to the prospect of earning lots of money, meeting glamorous and famous people in far flung parts of the world.

I have done some of that but to get a client in the media they want, there is a lot of early starts, in freezing or red hot conditions and waiting around holding bags, cameras and props.

I spent one wet cold July morning stood outside the Royal Armouries with an FT photographer waiting for their journalist to arrive to interview my client in the right light.  It took four hours and we went all that time without a warm drink.

I love it, I wouldn’t change it for the world.  But next time you see a glamorous couple in an exotic location think of the hard work that’s gone into getting the shot and the interview.

If you would like us to come and hold lights while the glare of publicity shines on you call: 07714 7083271

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