Excitement is aplenty this week as the countdown commences to one of the biggest sporting events, The Tour de France which starts in Yorkshire this weekend coming.
An event of this magnitude doesn’t come around often and judging by some of the pictures and talk going around, the whole region is gearing up for it with much enthusiasm.
I’m really looking forward to it, having just moved up to Leeds from Hereford. My personal experience of a major event was the Blind Football World Cup which took place in my home town in 2010.
I remember the level of organisation that went in to hosting the Blind World Cup and that took a significant amount of effort to get it right. Le Grand Depart will be on another scale however.
For Le Grand Depart there will be an enormous amount of willing and able volunteers giving their services (for free!) to Le Tour Yorkshire. These people are a key component to any successful event and ensure everything runs smoothly.
Having volunteered in 2010, I know from a personal level how much effort and preparation it takes to run an event. It was certainly intense but in the end it was worth the commitment and dedication and I’m sure the Tour de France will be the same for all the tourmakers.
For the Blind World Cup, We had to ensure stalls were set up to the required standard and that the accessibility for disabled and vulnerable individuals was sufficient. With the facility catering for a significant number of impartially sighted people as well as sighted, this was obviously hugely imperative.
The organisation of stewards throughout the tournament was also an important task as well as ensuring that the VIP and dining areas were ready to accommodate the vast array of people that were about to descend on the facility. Hard work but like I said above, it was fantastic.
This weekend by all accounts should be a wonderful occasion and a chance to celebrate the fantastic hard work by all of the volunteers and support staff as well as the event itself. Enjoy!

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