The most common response when I say that I organise events is:‘Oh, so you just basically plan and throw and party.’ Yes, this may be the case but there is a lot more to running and hosting an event than people think.
Planning and procedures form the structure of any event. This allows an event manager to ensure that an event runs smoothly and is able to attract the right calibre of guests.
1. It is crucial to be able to confidently answer the following questions; Why are you running this event? What do you want to achieve from the event? What do you want guest’s attending the event to learn/gain from their experience? If you can’t answer these questions, ask yourself is there a need for this event? Be honest with yourself and your clients.
2. Specialise – If you try and do all types of events you are going to get lost within the broad range of events out there. Ensure you know where you are working through the sector of events/businesses you work with. This will allow you to build up your expertise and knowledge and become the best at what you do.

3. Be passionate – for the sector you work in and the events you run. This passion should not only be yours it should show through your events team too. Having a team who are enthusiastic, motivated and willing to put the work in no matter what silly hour of the day the event is at.  It will help to make your events better than your competitors. The passion through the team will drive them to ensure every detail.
4. Know your limits – ensure that you have enough time to plan a good event. Make sure you have enough people to gain the right number of guests and the right profile. Without enough time it is impossible to publicise the event, gain sponsorship or even ensure that anything will go right on the day.
5. Create contacts – you need to have a solid list of reliable, professional and good suppliers, contractors, and staff who you can work to build a relationship with. You cannot run an event solely by yourself and need to have a list of suppliers who you trust and can work well with to help with the events that you are running.

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