RIO 2014 has been the biggest social media event in the history of Twitter. The statistics certainly back that up for the FIFA World Cup 2014.
During last night’s final between Germany and Argentina, 32.1 million tweets were sent according to Twitter Data; a remarkable stat and a reminder how much influence social media has, especially around major sporting occasions.
Incredibly the social media audience for the final was bettered. During Germany’s 7-1 thrashing of hosts, Brazil, there were 35.6 million tweets breaking social media records by a considerable margin. The final also saw the record broken for the most tweets per minute. A huge 618,725 tweets were recorded when Germany won the World Cup.
This platform has played a significant part from the start of the tournament to the very end. Organisations such as Nike and Adidas ran campaigns throughout the event to engage audiences and build up the excitement, also using the star footballers to endorse them on both Twitter and Facebook. Facebook has also seen a huge array of users with over one billion interactions alone during the tournament.
Football is hugely popular around the world because of the atmosphere and passion it generates. In country’s such as Brazil and Germany, it is deemed a ‘way of life’ and now with the huge power of social media, people can express their opinions and engage with others online which makes tournaments such as the World Cup huge in terms of online presence.
Meanwhile the Tour de France will have a reach of 3.5 billion followers during its three week course. Many will be online but many will be traditional following via print, broadcast or simply in person. Football gets the reach because it targets a young mobile audience who are social media savvy.
Will the Rugby Union World Cup have that same kind of popularity in a year’s time? I suspect not because its global standing isn’t as high as football but it’ll be intriguing to see the statistics next October when the tournament ends.
Whatever happens next year with the rugby, there is no doubt that this summer has seen the largest social media event ever witnessed by some distance. Over to you, supporters of Rugby Union!

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