Fairtrade Fortnight launches a two week onslaught of emotional messages targeting our ethical values and matching it with our favourite indulgence – chocolate.

But how effective will it be at raising awareness and achieving its aims?

All awareness campaigns need to have a goal such as making us switch to Fairtrade produce and paying a premium or making us aware of an issue.

In recent months one of the most successful was Iceland’s Palm Oil video that launched its Christmas campaign and a national discussion before being banned.

However, because of the debate it launched it was so successful that the video was liked, shared and viewed on social media millions of times, the advert was allowed to be broadcast, Iceland achieved multiple mentions and everyone was talking about Palm Oil and significantly – pledging to reduce their use and purchase of products containing it. – Result!

Why did it work?

It appealed to our conscious, it was launched at the right time, Christmas, when we are all feeling benevolent and despite not being very Christmassy it went viral during the festive season.

Campaigns such as this and the Fairtrade Fortnight must identify their audience and think of a more strategic, effective, and focused way to drive social change. This involves targeted campaigning and a push to turn interest into action.

For example, the Fairtrade Foundation’s Fairtrade Fortnight offers tailored action packs for campaigners, businesses and schools.

For two weeks each year, thousands of individuals, companies and groups across the UK come together to celebrate the people who grow our food, people who live in some of the poorest countries in the world and who are often exploited and badly paid.

Fairtrade Fortnight is already underway and is operating 25 February – 10 March 2019. For more information on the campaign and to get involve, click here: http://www.fairtrade.org.uk/en/get-involved/current-campaigns/Fairtrade-Fortnight

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