Employee engagement is often overlooked when planning business strategy. But if you tap into it effectively your own employees can become some of your most passionate and effective advocates.

Everyone uses social media yet that network is often treated with suspicion while wasting time over clap cold coffee or warm chardonnay is not.
I’ve put together a few ideas over how you could convert your own team into brand ambassadors effortlessly.
Knowledge is power – telling people what is happening keeps them in the loop and gives them confidence for their future. If you’re making the right noises to them about what you’re planning they will feel more likely to engage on your behalf and be positive about your brand. It figures they will communicate the work good news along with their own top line about their favourite football team or piece of tech.
Giving yourself the competitive edge – companies who put a vakue on employee engagement are seen as 40% more competitive because employees are talking about the company’s work.  Your team are perceived as more engaged and more passionate about their work, something potential clients love.
Social media has shaken up every level of communication, none more so at work where it can be used negatively. However, it can be used positively. If you use social media for external communications employees are more likely to share that content with their own networks. Why don’t you use it internally and encourage your team to share. We all have the share button attached to our social streams, send out information internally and include them at the bottom. It can be a default for many so you have instant access to another network. Easy! You never know who follows them – could be a key decision maker you’re talking to!
Similarly you can control the use of the social media that your employees share. Use an employee advocacy platform to post information and encourage sharing. That way news is your news. It isn’t big brother, it’s just good business sense.

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