ACTION days are ten a penny these days from national coffee mornings to celebrating chocolate or pies. Most are considered PR stunts dreamt up by a marketing guru to shift product or raise cash.

CycleToWork day could be accused of being in the same league, but its aim is different. To encourage all of us to get on our bikes and get fit.

But what are the unintended benefits of cycling?   Well, healthy bodies mean healthy minds, vital for successful business.

Since the late 1940s, when cycling was the preferred form of private transport for many commuters regular use fell to an all time low in 2006. Since then regular cycling has gradually and incrementally increased year on year to a rate of more than 3.5bn miles being cycled each year and 4.8 per cent of the population cycling to work regularly.

And those who do start tentatively cycling to work soon become ambassadors once they realise it isn’t only their health that improves with the exercise.

Evidence suggests that once at work cyclists are more productive because they feel in a better mood and they are less likely to be clock watching because they aren’t worried about missing a bus or a train home.

Cycling to and from work is also a great way to integrate your daily workout into your commute killing two birds with one stone.

Cyclists say they feel better about their colleagues and view their work in a more positive light getting stressed about setbacks less often and to a lesser degree than before they took to the saddle.

Aside from the initial cost of your bike, which if your company is part of the Ride to Work scheme is tax deductible there are also the financial benefits of not having to fork out for a season ticket or pay for petrol and parking daily.

If you haven’t already cycled in, give it a try. You’ll be amazed how much better you feel, it’s habit forming and you can save a few quid into the bargain. All thanks to another PR action day!