From graduates to school leavers, young people are entering the daunting world of work without the ability to communicate their credentials to employers.

In fact, in 2014, a survey by the British Chambers of Commerce revealed that an astonishing 88% of businesses considered school leavers to be unprepared for the workplace – with over half of them (54%) thinking graduates are not work ready either.

The top areas of weakness for new recruits are poor communicative skills and business skills, followed by technical skills.

How can this be tackled?  Here are a few tips to help you effectively communicate your skills and achievements:

  1. CV and qualifications – does your CV include relevant information? Have you tailored it towards the job you have applied for?  Remember to always spell check and ask parents or friends to check over it.
  2. Commercial awareness – do you understand the background of the company you are applying for? A brief understanding is essential.  Visit their website and tailor your application towards their ethos and values.
  3. Communication skills – good written and verbal communication skills is vital for any employer. Practicing mock interviews and presentations will help and always use spell check on any application form.
  4. Work experience – what strong links do you already have with the business community? Do you have exposure to a workplace environment? Stand out from the competition and emphasise any experience you have.
  5. Soft skills – a handle on key skills such as self-discipline, self-management, independence, and teamwork is vital. Whether it was in a part-time job, a voluntary position or in a sports team, you should identify where you have worked well with others.

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