The spotlight was on God’s Own County August 1st as people across the region celebrated #YorkshireDay – but was the day put to good use?

As usual there were there were multiple references to flat caps, whippets and ‘eh bah gum’ as people celebrated classic Yorkshire traditions.

However, it is easy to forget the importance of Yorkshire Day and become side-tracked by traditional caricatures which detract from Yorkshire’s contribution in areas such as science, art, media, sport and business.

Although traditional flat cap gimmicks provide light entertainment, it is important to properly celebrate Yorkshire achievements and look to what the future holds.

Leeds City Region Enterprise Partnership (the LEP) and partners across the region celebrated iconic locations and productions this Yorkshire Day with a new social media campaign.

Yorkshire is renowned for its stunning landscapes and diverse locations, providing the setting for well-known TV series and films which are transmitted into homes around the globe.

The county has emerged as the fastest growing region in the UK for TV and film, outstripping the rest of the UK by more than double in recent years.

This follows the recent data revealed by The Government stating that Yorkshire is the top exporter of manufacturing goods outside of London.

Earlier this year The Yorkshire Post also revealed that Yorkshire and The Humber is the UK’s most entrepreneurial region outside London and the South East, according to new figures.

So with just a few of these achievements in mind, lets properly celebrate God’s Own County and look to its prosperous future, rather than just it’s past.