A total of 2.77 billion people are estimated to be using social media by 2019 but how many of those will be using it effectively to boost their personal brand?

As Public Relations practitioners one of our key roles is to successfully promote our customers’ brand, informing their target audience about what they stand for and what they can offer.  This should also apply to your personal profile.

Most people acknowledge the business benefits of social media and work tirelessly to boost online visibility and revenue but many neglect to develop their personal social media profiles.

When used correctly, social media is a powerful self-promotional tool that can build your personal tribe and network.    This allows you to identify what you stand for, raise awareness for it and engage with others that feel the same way.

Whether it’s arts and culture, the environment or the LGBTQ+ community, social media allows you to shine a light on a variety of subjects and engage and network with others that share the same views.

Facebook and LinkedIn both offer thousands of opportunities to join groups or attend events focused on specific industries or topics, helping you to become an advocate for any subject you feel passionate about.

Although it is key you avoid any controversial social media groups, engaging in ethical subject matters will see people interact with you and increase your networking opportunities.

You may even be recognised as an expert within your subject, gain viral attention or make a positive impact through social media campaigning.

Take advantage of your social media platform and develop your personal brand today.  For more information on how you can stay social media savvy, contact Carmel Harrison PR at carmel@carmelharrisonpr.com or phone us on 07714 7083271.


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