TWITTER is a fantastic and easily accessible social media platform for connecting with potential clients.
In the same way that Facebook was great for finding old friends it has been invaluable for small start ups and bigger organisations to grow their businesses.
Now both platforms are increasingly used for sharing details of your breakfast, boyfriend and bad hair day.
If you are using Twitter for business though people don’t want to hear that stuff. They want to find out how you can help their business grow and what services you offer.
To help professional and ethical users and cut out some spam tweets Twitter has introduced a mute button.
To avoid being muted follow a few simple steps.
1. Have a strict communications strategy in place about why and what you will use Twitter for and stick to it.
2. Don’t over tweet. On a normal day two tweets each day planned at the key peak traffic times is ample. Remember you are using it to direct people back to your website or blog or give them some USEFUL information
3. Relay USEFUL information, add relevant links, engage in conversations with people, reply to messages, give credit where it is due.
4. Don’t be offensive – it could get you struck off Twitter
5. Use it for business – however, if a campaign captures the public imagination such as a good cause give it the thumbs up.
6. Don’t overuse @ or # apart from #FF when it’s for fun.
7. Don’t overplug your business. Provide information but don’t over promote – you’ll turn people off

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