PUBLIC relations is all about Profile Raising in a positive way to drive up growth and deliver increased Profit on Return.
Agreed, so why do you need a strategy?
1.) PR is external and internal. You must get your whole team on board to make a success. Employee engagement creates ambassadors of your team so that they promote your organisation in everything they do. The way they answer the phone, send emails, speak to clients existing and potential and dress. They will become part of your PR strategy
2.) PR is part of your wider company strategy for delivering your company objectives. At some stage the management team worked out what the company was all about and trying to achieve. This created your mission statement and you then worked out your strategy for delivering this. PR is part of the jigsaw and as such must be planned into the DNA of the organisation.
3.) PR is your external face to the world. You wouldn’t send a product out without checking it fitted the company profile would you? No, of course not. Simply put your PR messages and target audience must be agreed at the outset. Everyone within the organisation can then use that as a reference point when talking about the company to the rest of the world.
4.) You have set your goals. You wouldn’t attempt to solve a jigsaw if you knew a piece was missing. Why attempt to deliver your business goals with a missing link? PR is your communication goal which embeds your mission to your clients. It is a goal to stay on message and a vital tool in delivering your whole package.
5.) You want to succeed. As you continue your journey you will revisit some goals as they are achieved or re think as they become unviable for whatever reason. So it is with your PR strategy. If it doesn’t work you can fix it, or change it. If you don’t have one you won’t know if that was to blame for missing your goals or if you were sending out the wrong message.

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