TODAY is International Women’s Day and the chance to celebrate the contribution that women have made around the world.

This year’s theme is #BalanceForBetter to reflect how much better it is that gender balanced and inclusive society is.

Balanced workforces are more successful, balanced educational environments achieve better results and balanced societies are more peaceful.

A balanced workplace is happier, more productive, suffers less absenteeism and is more profitable.

So why aren’t more workplaces more balanced?

The old rules still apply.

If a man judges he has three out of six attributes needed for a job he will apply. A woman will only apply if she ticks all the boxes.

Women often need to be encouraged to step up to the mark and fight for the training that would give them the competitive edge so that they could make that contribution rather than being beset by self-doubt.

Encouragement is key. So if there is one thought you take away from this years IWD make it that you will say one positive thing to encourage a woman to achieve her potential today!

We can all work for Better Balance because Balance is Better For Us All!

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