In the digital era, most successful businesses take advantage of their social media platform and prioritise it as a key way to drive their growth.  However, many businesses still expect fast results and neglect a long term social media marketing plan.

Recently, Wetherspoons created a ‘blanket ban’ of all social media platforms.  The company’s move to shut Twitter, Instagram and Facebook accounts for its 900 outlets was greeted with enthusiasm from the founder and chairman, Tim Martin who sees the platforms as a “waste of time” and “distracting”.

This fails to recognise that, if used properly and strategically social media can dramatically boost your business.

A key function of Public Relations is to successfully promote our customers’ brand, informing their target audience about what they stand for and what they can offer.  Although we highly value face-to-face contact and a more personal relationship between customers and their audiences, social media is a crucial instant platform for creating and sharing content and networking.

Many businesses make the common error of expecting fast results and misunderstand that social media is a long-term process.  This requires regular updates to create a proactive forward-thinking image.

Companies that create a social media account but don’t update it regularly portray a negative, outdated image causing the platform to become counterproductive.

Many businesses also look to immediate numbers, such as retweets and likes, rather than understanding social media analytics.  Social media analytics can identify how many people are interacting with your posts and how long they stay on them.

On top of this, linking social media users to your website is a great idea to attract traffic and gage what is enticing consumers and making them engage with your posts.  This data can be used for future posts to attract more attention.

Ultimately, if used correctly, social media allows business owners instant networking opportunities and a direct form of targeted communication.

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