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Right relevant Public Relations for Contract Manufacturer

Making Public Relations relevant is our whole raison d'etre.  That's French for role in life. Operating in the manufacturing and construction sectors can be gritty but oh so rewarding.  My life is more hard hats and steel tipped boots than cup cakes and mascara. Sometimes Manufacturing Public Relations has its more floral side and none more so than when we recently worked with our client
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Positive PR for customers

POSITIVE PR comes in all guises and it isn't just the column inches generated by your own press release. Challenging though it is to get journalists and media to interview customers some will see beyond your copy. We recently created a case study for our client Jumpstart R&D Tax Credits about Biolink who manufacture disinfectants and cleansers for farmers where cattle and poultry are
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Manufacturing PR for Yorkshire Laser Fabrication

Highlighting investment in skills and training is critical in Manufacturing PR.  We left no stone un-turned in our quest to place Yorkshire Laser Fabrication centre stage after an extensive training programme for their team. Carmel Harrison PR wrote an engaging press release about the need, the investment and the result it would bring to them and their customers, we then actively lobbied regional, business
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