Someone recently asked me to explain what Public Relations was.
It has three key functions; to raise awareness of you or your brand in a positive way, protect your reputation and help commercialise your enterprise.
So does advertising to a lesser degree.
The unique feature about Public Relations is that it tells your story, or the latest chapter of it.
Why do you have to tell a story when what you do is as good as you say?

Because the story illustrates how good or effective your products or services are in a more compelling way. Someone else usually says how great you and your products are!
It highlights who you are, what you do, who you do it for. It illustrates with testimony and examples the features and benefits of the product or service you provide and offers in a compelling and engaging way a narrative about your organisation like nothing else does.
A good story immediately gains the attention of a news editor to provide good quality copy to fill space or it can be the starting point for a much bigger piece. It can even form part of a feature on a totally different subject.
So what constitutes a good news story?
Carmel Harrison PR majors on manufacturing businesses and for many of those the best stories are things such as:
new products,
• winning contracts from new or existing customers
• achieving new quality standards accreditation
• Expanding so you have to employ more people
• Investing in new equipment or larger premises
All the above illustrate how good a business is. They demonstrate if told craftfully better than any advert how good your organisation is and what others think of you.
If you would like help telling your story get in touch. You may find yourself making headline news like many of our existing customers.
Email, or telephone 07714 708271.

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