AN old saying “no news is bad news” could come home to roost for the Queen’s second son after his PR disaster interview with the BBC at the weekend.

It is a classic case of how bad news is worse.

Rather than keeping a low profile, Prince Andrew opened a row sore and attracted further criticism of his insensitive nature.

From a PR point of view, he appeared to act without professional advice.

His gung-ho approach of denying events, evidencing an alibi for the event and defending his friendship with the now dead Epstein only emphasised his lack of empathy for his accusers and his arrogance.

Not only did he appear insensitive and lack empathy, it kept the story on the front pages.

Rather than relying on his army of well qualified and well paid PR palace advisors he did his own thing.

Clearly his skill set is not in PR.  Perhaps next time he’ll listen.  After all we have two ears and one mouth for a reason.

Catch the full interview here.

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