GAMBLING is controversial, but one leading player, Paddy Power, could be taking a massive gamble on their new sponsorship deal with football clubs.

In a world where everything is logo’d and even people have their own brand, Paddy Power are sponsoring football cub shirts without their company name or logo on them.

The online betting and gambling group started with Huddersfield Town, the Yorkshire Club, by revealing some weeks ago a new shirt with a garish logo blazoned across the front sash style.

It immediately drew screams of horror from fans and fashionistas alike for its lack of style, but attracted a lot of attention

The club and company then went live with their actual sponsorship deal and logo alongside their campaign #SaveOurShirt.

The new shirt allows the club’s logo to shine and traditional colours to take centre stage

Since then further football clubs have been revealed as part of one of the biggest sponsorship deals in football history.

Each new club joining the #SaveOurShirt campaign has been carefully revealed and publicised as Paddy Power has promoted its values for the beautiful game.

For Paddy Power it is a massive gamble, but they are confident they know what they are doing and the message they want to send.  They also must know how they can effectively communicate with their target audience.

Highly monetised and widely broadcast, Paddy Power know that generous sponsorship which recognises what teams, fans and players want and respects that they get benefits.

Their investment gives them access to diverse and generally affluent audiences, who are grateful that their team has secured a deal.  They are also a captive audience at stadia and on TV and radio giving Paddy Power the opportunity to brand other areas that are not obtrusive but equally valuable.

And the gimmick of  #SaveOurShirt and non-branding is a valuable talking point that even if the pundits don’t like they will be talking about for some time.

Of course, some broadcasters could make a non-discussion policy, but it’s a tough one to enforce and they can’t stop the clubs giving prime space at stadia where the cameras will pan during games.

Fair play to the sponsor and the clubs for their #collaborate in the campaign and giving the beautiful game the chance to be beautiful again!

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