The announcement that Rwanda, one of the world’s poorest nations, is to sponsor premier league club Arsenal to the tune of £30m has divided opinion.

It made me think.

Why would one of the world’s poorest nations that is receiving International Aid from European countries sink so much into having its name on a football shirt?

Granted, Arsenal is one of the world’s best known and well supported clubs and it will be seen by more people than if they were to pay for billboard advertising.  But is the country’s president just indulging in his own fantasy?

Well, I’m writing about it and you’re reading it, so that’s more interest than either usually attracts.

But it raises a serious point.

Rwanda wants to boost tourism and has already invested in five star hotels, wildlife reserves and crime fighting to ensure visitors are relatively safe in the capital Kigali.

A major failure of new ventures or growing enterprises is that they don’t shout enough about themselves, therefore fail due to poor or absent marketing.

Audiences become jaded and switch off seeing the same old things so marketers have to be creative.

Rwanda and Arsenal both need an eye catching and controversial campaign to put them in the spotlight and on everyone’s lips.

This could be it.  Watch this space and if you need stand out communications ideas give us a call.

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