Are you keeping your website content crisp? If not, this could be costing your business.

Outdated content reflects poorly on your business and gives potential customers the wrong impression, suggesting a stale and stagnant brand.

Worse, it could have outdated information about products, people and prices.

In a digital world outdated content will affect search engine optimisation (SEO). Search engines regard websites with the most recent content as the most relevant to web users, placing it higher in search engine rankings.
Old content will lower search engine optimisation (SEO), causing your business to rank lower than competitors and become lost in the web.

Dedicating time for website updates can be difficult, but it is essential for the portrayal of a healthy and thriving business.

Follow these simple tips to keep your content crisp:
1. Case studies – having a case study section for your website is a key platform to regularly update consumers with examples of your latest projects. This can draw consumers in with attractive images or testimonials.
2. Blog – having a blog section provides an informal space for you to pose questions to consumers and make them think. Blogs can even answer consumer questions, helping to them to feel confident with you as a business.
3. Social media – social media can drive traffic towards your website through posts that link to it. This will engage social media followers and incite users to visit your website.
4. Regular website maintenance – become familiar with your website and generate maximum revenue from it.
5. Editorial calendar – Pre plan your content and releases. Consistency is key to keeping your website fresh and it’s easier when it is planned.

Don’t get left behind. Keep a clean profile and optimise your website platform. If you would like a few ideas for freshening your website and boosting your growth contact

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