From baby Jesus sausage rolls to Valentines Day meals, Greggs are no stranger to publicity stunts and their latest has fooled top gourmet foodies into liking their new Summer menu.

The high street brand trialled its new range on some of Britain’s most discerning palates and served up lunch under the guise of an artisan delicatessen called ‘Gregory and Gregory’ at a top London food festival.

A now viral video released on YouTube and Facebook shows food fans praising dishes served from the hipster deli ‘Gregory and Gregory’ and captures their stunned reactions as they are told they are actually eating from Greggs.

The perfectly hatched PR stunt has gained Greggs wall to wall media coverage and huge amounts of brand awareness, even helping to change the negative perception surrounding their unhealthy baked goods.

This follows on from a huge investment in ‘banter marketing’ which has seen Greggs, Paddy Power and many others poke fun at themselves in a bid to attract attention and regularly gain media coverage because of this.

Although this is not always well received, the bakery chain has seen a boost in sales but, most importantly, increased brand awareness for their latest healthy Summer range.

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To watch the cleverly mastered PR stunt, watch the video below.

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