Carmel Harrison PR aims to provide added value to our customers and business in the local area which is why next week June 13 – 18 we’ll be actively involved in Wakefield Business Week.
This year we have decided to hold a very simple Lunch and Learn at our offices in Unity Works called ‘Grabbing Business Headlines for Growth’. Basically it is a workshop about how to write a press release.
We’ve discussed it on these pages before but recent news suggests that many more businesses could take advantage of the session to support their existing efforts and help their future plans.
The latest statistics highlight that Yorkshire has the strongest jobs growth outside London and the third best since 2008 (today’s FT which quotes the latest Natwest business stats) which is no mean achievement because that also includes the affluent South East which feeds off the capital’s dividend.
The best way to ensure that this growth continues is to keep your foot on the accelerator of effort with marketing. Another sure fire way of supporting your business growth is by upskilling your team. Research proves that a more engaged employer is more productive and less likely to leave.
Wakefield Business Week, like many others in the region is a great way to both network and upskill. Many businesses are hosting events like ours that will enable business managers, new start ups and employees to learn and practise skills that will help develop their business.
The small investment in time during the week spent finding out one new skill could reap dividends for years to come.
If you want to be part of the continued success that is both Wakefield and Yorkshire book on to our lunch and learn and join us for a power hour that could change your business for ever.