Boris Johnson is reportedly ready to blitz Britain with its biggest ever advertising campaign as part of his last-ditch effort to win over doubters to the merits of a ‘no-deal’ exit from the European Union.

The ‘Prepare for Brexit’ PR campaign would saturate billboards, television and radio with messages of positivity about Britain’s future as Johnson seeks to fully harness the machinery of government to prepare the country to go it alone.

Citing a Treasury source, The Telegraph puts the advertising bill for the next three months alone at £100m, and The Times referred to the drive as the “biggest government-funded PR campaign since the Second World War”.

But is this a good use of public money?

In a country full of uncertainty, should Johnson be indulging in PR spending splurges or buckling up like the rest of us?

We’ve already seen the damaging effects of politically charged PR campaigns, with Johnson’s push for a fierce Brexit campaign on platforms such as Facebook.

This saw his endorsement for the infamous claim that Brexiteers would “take back control” of roughly £350m a week when we leave the EU – which turned out to be false.

Despite the government spending splurge advertisers remain apprehensive about the UK’s prospects amid increased uncertainty since the departure of Theresa May.

So, people can expect another onslaught of online propaganda and fake news – could Johnson’s campaign cause backlash and frustrate the public?  Who knows?  Much like Brexit we’ll have to wait and see…

Read more about it in the Financial Times here.

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