YORKSHIRE based Zing Mattress is looking to banish the nightmare blues associated with a bad night’s sleep with the launch of a unique product that will wake up the bed market.
And the Bradford based team of 12 is so confident of its product that it has already sunk £250,000 into the launch of its new universal mattress designed to take the headache out of buying a new product.
The Zing mattress will only be available online and is being supported by a heavy digital and broadcasting campaign during the summer months.
Their belief in the unique 5G Cooltech product goes so far as to offer every customer a 111 night sleep trial with a no quibbles money back guarantee if they don’t get a  better night’s sleep on a  Zing  mattress.
The memory foam based product was dreamt up by the team when manager and early investor, David Bairstow complained about having to knee test new mattresses in stores watched by staff and other customers.
“It was embarrassing,” he said.  “I want my whole body, not just my knee to have a good night’s sleep but if you lie down you feel uncomfortable and if your partner lies next to you there’s a lot of nudge nudge wink wink going on,” he added.
“Given that a lack of sleep is one of the most common causes of ill health with sufferers complaining of underperformance at work and feeling bad tempered it was obvious people looking for a new mattress should feel confident of their purchase.  After all you get to test drive a new car before you buy one.
Having researched the best design for a good night’s sleep the company wanted to guarantee customer satisfaction and worked with a Derbyshire manufacturer to create the unique experience.
“We realised people prefer to buy in the privacy of their own home confident that if it isn’t suitable it can be returned for a refund, so that is what we are offering,” said Mr Bairstow.  The Zing mattress has three unique layers that provide durability, comfort and a top layer of cool technology to eliminate body heat.  With a 100% money back guarantee it all adds up to a great night’s sleep,” he added.
Targeting the decision making female 25- 60 market the team knew they would have to ensure ease for customers so each mattress is packed in a  compact easy to carry box that can be lifted from the front door to the bedroom, unpacked and be ready to sleep on within hours.
“Women want to feel independent so making it an easy purchase for them is critical for success,” said Mr Bairstow.  “All four sizes, single, double, King size and Super King size can be easily carried by anyone.”
The Zing mattress is available from www.zingmattress.co.uk