Making Public Relations relevant is our whole raison d’etre.  That’s French for role in life.

Operating in the manufacturing and construction sectors can be gritty but oh so rewarding.  My life is more hard hats and steel tipped boots than cup cakes and mascara.

Sometimes Manufacturing Public Relations has its more floral side and none more so than when we recently worked with our client Grotech Production Ltd in Goole.  As contract manufacturers they often work anonymously developing, making, packaging and delivering other people products.

Catering for new start and end of life products for often large multi nationals mean they often cannot sing about their own work.  Their contracts often mean they sign None Disclosure Agreements with their customers so any case studies have to be very anonymous; it can mean editors don’t pick the story up or relegate it to two paragraphs at the bottom of the page.

However, being the first contract manufacturer to achieve Soil Association accreditation in the agri and horticultural sectors was worth shouting about.  So we did and they go the recognition that they truly deserve.

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