Grotech Production Ltd in Goole is a contract manufacturer. Operating in the agricultural and horticultural sectors they make start up, excess runs and end of run chemical products for other companies. As such they operate below the PR radar
They came to Carmel Harrison PR to raise awareness of their added value and their diversity to safeguard their factory when the aggro and horto sectors were quiet in the winter months.
We discussed the key sectors they worked in, the sectors they would like to develop and their core competencies.
It was agreed that we would focus on raising their profile among supply chain influencers in the UK. Our target was production and financial managers in chemical sectors.
Carmel Harrison PR crafted a series of press releases about Grotech Production Ltd’s ability to research new products for customers within tight timeframes, on often low budgets and ensured they were both H&SE compliant and retained on shelf stability.
Read how picked the story up.
The story also formed the basis of a major scientific feature in a direct trade publication which was a key requirement of the brief.
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