Highlighting investment in skills and training is critical in Manufacturing PR.  We left no stone un-turned in our quest to place Yorkshire Laser Fabrication centre stage after an extensive training programme for their team.

Carmel Harrison PR wrote an engaging press release about the need, the investment and the result it would bring to them and their customers, we then actively lobbied regional, business and trade media to carry the story.

The result was that it was immediately picked up by business media in Yorkshire and the trade press nationally.

Read one version in BDaily a digital news site.

Not content with that we also re wrote the press release about Manufacturing PR for the company’s website blog page so that visitors to the site could read up on their continued work to provide high quality products and services.

“Remaining in touch with our customers and potential customers is difficult,” explained MD, Matthew Orford.  “As well as reminding then of our products we want to make them aware of the added value that we as a company bring to their offer,” he said.

“We completed extensive training in CAD training for our engineers plus professional skills for our management team.   The LEP wanted recognition and Carmel Harrison PR suggested we turn our blog over to a press release.

“Manufacturing PR can be difficult because it is often technical.  Carmel Harrison PR writers made the story come to life in an interesting way that was picked up by the media and it looked good on our website,” he added.

The beauty of this release is that it had so  many strands and we got an efficient journalist in Clare Burnett of the www.businessdesk.com to follow up with more detail. Read her version here

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