We’re celebrating 100 years of women having the vote and the huge influence it has had over our fellow business women.

2018 marks 100 years since Parliament passed the Representation of the People Act, giving some women and all men the democratic right to vote.

It wasn’t until 1928 that ALL women were entitled to vote, but this was a landmark event and set the precedent that women had suffrage.

As an all-female PR Agency, we want to celebrate that while most of our customers are involved in manufacturing, many have a woman in their leadership team if not at the helm.

To celebrate this, we are questioning women throughout the district on how the vote has impacted their industry and what their achievements would look like without it.

The Act extended the vote to 5.6 million men and enfranchised 8.4 million women in the 1918 December 14 general election.

It set in motion the Parliament (Qualification of Women) Act 1918 in November 1918, allowing women to be elected to Parliament and proved a major milestone for further equality.

Women now accounted for about 43 per cent of the electorate and gained a crucial voice in an unequal society which is still vital today.

Want to get involved? Events across the country are taking place, including a free of charge exhibition in Westminster – Voice & Vote: Women’s Place in parliament. Find out more information here.


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