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The 'power of persuasion' is a term often associated with negative connotations and pushy sales people.
Persuasion is however an essential and powerful tool in business and it's not just all about getting your own way or making a quick sale.
We're talking gentle, subtle persuasion as a means of communicating effectively with your clients and getting the best out of your workforce.
Some will go further
CARMEL Harrison PR has discussed Crisis Communications in previous blogs leaving you with a few ideas to safeguard your reputation in the event that you suffer a business issue. However, in recent weeks I can’t help feeling it deserves further elaboration given the response by a business to an attack on its reputation and that of some of its clients. Based overseas and usually
[embed][/embed] Being part of Wakefield's creative hub has proved important to us as a brand since the opening. This promotional video highlights the purpose of Unity and the passion behind the scenes to bring this 135 year old derelict building back to life. Carmel Harrison PR and Bellingham IT also share their thoughts on what it’s like to be part of the Creative and Digital