Social Media Strategy for Wharfe Valley Oils

Social Media for BusinessWharfe Valley Oils is a family brand with a strong organic and healthy image. Having launched in 2007 it was keen to kick start some new activity to interact with loyal fans and engage with new ones. They enlisted Carmel Harrison PR to raise awareness about their brand, engage with their target market and to embrace more effectively the digital world via social media.

A bespoke social media strategy using Facebook and Twitter was designed and implemented to engage with their consumer audience. Highlights of this strategy have involved:
• engaging new customers
• generating leads to sales
• engaging new influencers eg bloggers, restaurateurs
• links to celebrity chefs

A personal approach is used to ensure high quality interaction and has resulted in consistently strong results measured in new followers, likes and interaction. For example, a 21 per cent increase in Twitter followers from the targeted market were gained in a period of three months. There has also been an 83 per cent rise in traffic to their website for the same period with more than 50 per cent returning regularly.

Their value and brand has been strengthened through participation in local Twitter Hours, however they have also managed to reach and expand their existing consumer base around the UK through social media interaction and promotion.

A Facebook page has been reactivated and used to generate further discussion and drive up engagement with existing and new consumers.

Following on the business has used social media to gain feedback, circulate promotions and recipe information and drive consumer traffic to retail outlets.

This strengthened the case for the sales team when negotiating with a leading retailer and lead to new listings and business growth.