Jermyn Consulting

Digital and Social Media Case Study: Jermyn Consulting

JERMYN Consulting was established in 2000 to deliver Business Continuity and Information Security to high profile organisations in Further Education, Financial Services and IT sectors. Offering a unique proposition in a new market Jermyn Consulting was the first to the table and used existing contacts and word of mouth.

By 2013, Jermyn Consulting recognised the need to adopt an online communications policy as part of its marketing strategy to generate new sales in new sectors. Jermyn Consulting enlisted the help of Carmel Harrison PR to enhance their online and media presence through digital and social media as part of a larger integrated PR strategy.

Working with Carmel Harrison PR Jermyn Consulting quickly realised that they needed to strengthen their online presence through the effective use of social media. Carmel Harrison PR were able to advise the team on how best use social media to effectively implement a strong digital and social media strategy. Two key social media platforms were identified, LinkedIn and Twitter, and have been utilised to encourage conversation and create business leads. This PR strategy for Jermyn Consulting has been highly successful. A combination of social media and blogging were set up based around the website The blog now acts as a gateway for providing interesting and topical information to prospective customers and industry insiders about the company and its work . This blog is also linked to a LinkedIn discussion group which encourages debate and conversation between thought leaders in the sector.

Jermyn Consulting have seen a huge increase in website activity due to their consistent use of promoting their website and their blog through social media platforms.

Carmel Harrison PR has been able to increase followers and create leads from Twitter to their desired target markets and sectors and also help Jermyn Consulting to focus on new areas of business which were previously unreachable..

Gary Donlon, Director of Jermyn Consulting said: “In the time we’ve been working together, Carmel Harrison PR has become a cornerstone of our marketing strategy. With their support and guidance, our online and offline presence and profile have significantly increased across social media and ‘traditional’ platforms. They bring value by taking time to understand our business, markets and customers and designing and implementing key messages to meet their needs. We look forward to working together as both businesses continue to grow.”