Creative thinking got Ascensor noticed

At Ascensor Limited knowing where the best market opportunities were, was always a struggle. Through working with a wide variety of companies, from the smallest-start-ups to multi-million pound corporations, it was never easy for Ascensor to find a platform from which they could out shine the competition.

However, this radically changed after Ascensor became a feature of Lord Young’s ‘The Report on Small Firms 201-2015’ – where the company was commended on it’s tireless work it does supplying small businesses with access to much needed financial support for their online activities. This key moment was a defining moment in the companies road to success and was something that Carmel Harrison PR actively used to transport them to new market audiences.

Almost immediately, Carmel Harrison PR began promoting the help and support offered by Ascensor Limited to any company that needed it. Most impressively, Carmel Harrison PR was able to find appropriate markets for audience engagement, creating meaningful and strong connections between Ascensor and other businesses. Within weeks of being features in Lord Young’s report, Ascensor had been featured in a number of high-profile local publications. These included; The Huddersfield Examiner, and Halifax Courier, Dewsbury Press .

The creativity that Carmel Harrison PR brought to the table meant that Ascensors message of support to anyone was heard over a number of platforms. One such example was getting a seat on an exclusive round table event run by Business Insider. Not only was the press surrounding the event invaluable for Ascensor, but the contacts and connects made and this, and many similar events, proved incredibly useful to the company.

‘I have no hesitation in recommending Carmel Harrison PR to my contacts’ said Director of Ascensor Limited, Andrew Firth.