Communications strategy for manufacturing

Hpe Process Ltd is 26 years old. In common with many companies of that age the founder and MD, Andy Allman wanted to kick start growth and knew he had to be brave.

The company had a marketing and sales team but no strategy and had never considered including communications as part of his business plan. Having embraced the Growth Accelerator programme he contacted us for help.

Hpe team 2 (1)The first challenge was to identify key areas for change. These included a communications strategy and a new website. Andy was keen for the new website to go live as soon as possible so that was the priority. While collating new case studies and content we also identified some great news stories that started to form the central planks of a PR campaign to raise awareness of the company in the target audience namely production and process managers in food and other hygienic sectors.

A year into the new communications strategy the marketing and sales team have a greater awareness of how PR can support them while they have fed back the collateral they want to make their roles easier and more fruitful.

Recently, the company changed the website domain name and to raise profile about that started an email marketing campaign. We have ensured that it contains quality content and managed the process to ensure unsubscribes are integrated and measurable reported back appropriately.

The whole company now understands how communications and PR can support their jobs and re visit the plan regularly to ensure it is delivering and is on track.

Andy Allman said of the work:

“I had always considered advertising and trade shows as being useful but expensive, social media as something that only my daughters and their mates did and mail/email shots as things that got binned or trashed. Relying instead on the old ways of telephone and site visits.

I needed to get in touch with more customers, more quickly than the old fashioned ways would allow. Carmel Harrison PR demonstrated that there were a lot of communication tools available and that these could be used as part of an overall sales strategy that would allow me to achieve the growth that the business needed with the added advantage that tweeting and facebook posts would be taken care of by someone else…….which in my estimation is the best possible solution!”