CH Comms – Brass Factor case study

The challenge

ENTREPRENEUR, Alex Bray was launching his Brass Factor music competition in front of commuters at both Brighouse train station and Kings Cross in what was a special and unique performance by the Wardle Academy band.

Platinum sponsors and rail operator, Grand Central were keen to promote the event giving Brass Factor a stylish and potentially high profile send off. But if there was no media to cover the event it would be lost.

Carmel Harrison PR got to work immediately. We identified the benefits of traditional and digital PR to generate interest and then promote it virally.

The Solution

Tbrass-factor-Alexander-Bray-organisero generate interest in the event, we contacted media outlets including BBC Leeds, The Huddersfield Examiner and the Halifax Courier to cover it. With an engaging Press Release and the use of social media, local journalists knew it was unmissable.

This was great news for Alex Bray, the Brass Factor founder.

The outcome

At 06.30 am, yes that’s right AM, we were on the platform at Brighouse station. BBC Radio Leeds were the first to arrive along with the band. They were shortly followed by reporters from the Brighouse Echo and the Halifax Courier and both video and photographs were quickly taken.

Liz Green Live reporter Richard Edwards spoke to Alex, the band and band members as well as commuters heading to the Big Smoke before they all bundled onto the 07.19 train to London. The coverage on BBC Radio Leeds continued until 09.00.

The outcome

The outcome was excellent for Alex Bray and the Brass Factor as well as brass music. BBC Leeds used the event as their main feature in the Liz Green Live early morning programme giving radio coverage to tens of thousands of people and commuters listening in.

The coverage made the Huddersfield Examiner, Halifax Courier and the Brighouse Echo with copy in both the online and print editions. Video of the events were showcase on each of the publications’ websites.

There was also a significant spread in the print edition of the Huddersfield Examiner. An added surprise was seeing the editor, Roy who was only too happy to help. He videoed the Brighouse performance and emailed it to the relevant reporter. That was showcased on the Examiner website.

You can see some of the coverage on the links below;

Brass Factor founder, Alex Bray said: “Carmel Harrison PR worked extremely hard to achieve impressive results to provide media coverage on a planned publicity stunt with one of my main sponsors for Brass Factor, Grand Central. They showed efficiency and attention to detail in organising the media on the day and following up with the press to gain maximum exposure. Dedication was shown with Chris assisting in the implementation of organising Wardle Brass Band on their arrival at Kings Cross station. I was pleased with the extensive media coverage that the day received and I would class it as an excellent start to the countdown towards the first Brass Factor event of 2014′.

Account Executive, Chris Phillips, said: “It was a fantastic occasion launching Brass Factor in such a unique fashion. To see the level of interest and coverage of the event was brilliant and I’m delighted for Alex as I know how much work he’s put in each year to make Brass Factor happen. With Brass Factor now out there in the media, I’m looking forward to securing more coverage as we begin the countdown to November 1.