Bridging the digital divide for a Castleford Manufacturer

YORKSHIRE Laser Fabrication is a well established, yet dynamic engineering company in Castleford run by son and father team Matthew and Garnett Orford.
Developing a new website they asked Carmel Harrison PR to create content that reflected their company values sang about the quality and standard of work and customer service yet painted the team as approachable knowledgeable and reliable advisors.
The aim with the new website was to maintain strong sales from existing customers but generate new leads and sales using a more responsive format and better organic search.
Matthew discussed the needs with Carmel Harrison who identified that there was a need to highlight the company’s heritage and ethos of providing great service, creating innovative products at a great price and within often tight deadlines.
To fully understand what Yorkshire Laser Fabrication did, who they did it for and what their key markets were we spent a day at the factory talking to both Matthew and the rest of the team with our photographer, Bruce Fitzgerald, who spent some time photographing both people and products to bring the YLF story to life.
In addition to content that focussed on products and services we wrote news stories about what the company had achieved and how it had changed lives for the blog and news section.
Once the website went live we set up social media feeds for the company’s twitter, facebook and Linkedin feeds and spent some time with Matthew and his team training them in how to run and manage them to benefit sales growth.
The outcome is a new website that sings of the company’s brand values as well as products and services. Searching for products and ordering online is easier and faster thanks to eliminating some of the more complex pages.
The company is also growing its followers on social media and the team is actively using tweetdeck so that they manage it rather than it managing them!
Matthew Orford said: “We wanted our new website to better reflect the team and the service we provided. Carmel Harrison PR spent time with us understanding what we did, who we did it for and how well we did it. They personalised the voices on the telephone and gave them personality. More than that they understood the unique needs of a Yorkshire based manufacturer with a strong heritage but a dynamic outward ambition and made that come to life.”