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Carmel has more than 30 years experience as a journalist and PR professional in Yorkshire, the north of England and the UK in print, broadcast and digital. A unique ability to glean the story behind the pitch she has the contacts to craft that with specific reference to attract positive profile for clients in their preferred sector.

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TECHNICAL outdoor clothing company North Face is heading for a fall after one of its PR professionals edited its Wikipedia page and put a promotional photograph on the page. In many respects it was a naïve mistake, to think that adding a PR shot would help boost the company’s SEO rankings with Google.  It achieved a lot of brand profile but for all
Cosmetics brand Lush is quitting social media as it explained on Twitter that it was “making it harder” for the brand to communicate with its consumers. “We are tired of fighting with algorithms, and we do not want to pay to appear in your newsfeed,” reads the first of several tweets. Lush isn’t the first, and possibly won’t be the last major brand to moderate
Although women make up 66% of the UK PR and Communications industry, men earn on average 21% more, resulting in an £11,364 pay gap. With a pay disparity higher than the UK average, it’s time for genuine change to the PR and Communications industry. Campaigns such as International Women’s Day provide an annual opportunity to celebrate the achievements of women and to call for the

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