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Carmel has more than 30 years experience as a journalist and PR professional in Yorkshire, the north of England and the UK in print, broadcast and digital. A unique ability to glean the story behind the pitch she has the contacts to craft that with specific reference to attract positive profile for clients in their preferred sector.

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Colin Kaepernick made a massive personal statement when he refused to stand for the United States national anthem in 2016. His career hit rock bottom a bit like the share price of Nike when they announced him as the brand ambassador to help celebrate the 30th anniversary of the #JustDoIt campaign. However, could it be that both will be vindicated and know what they are doing? For
A total of 2.77 billion people are estimated to be using social media by 2019 but how many of those will be using it effectively to boost their personal brand? As Public Relations practitioners one of our key roles is to successfully promote our customers’ brand, informing their target audience about what they stand for and what they can offer.  This should also apply to
From graduates to school leavers, young people are entering the daunting world of work without the ability to communicate their credentials to employers. In fact, in 2014, a survey by the British Chambers of Commerce revealed that an astonishing 88% of businesses considered school leavers to be unprepared for the workplace – with over half of them (54%) thinking graduates are not work ready

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