WORK experience is an integral part of learning.
I have spent this week at Carmel Harrison PR getting an insight into the world of working at a Public Relations agency.
In addition to understanding how a Public Relations company working with manufacturing clients works I have gained real life skills in communication, IT, decision making, taking the initiative, independent learning and networking with business clients. I developed these skills by being thrown in to the world of work without it being sugar coated.
Interacting with customers has sharpened my communication skills and now I can transfer this skill in any future career especially if I am in an office. I developed an understanding of the use of social media for business and gained experience of using Twitter and Facebook management tools such as Hootsuite.
Probably one of the most important lessons learnt on work experience is independence and taking the initiative. Independent learning this can be transferred to my educational and work life because I am preparing to enter university next year. This specific skill gained has given me an idea on what is needed to progress rather smoothly and efficiently.
The benefit of work experience in a small company is that you are given tasks to complete just like if you work there. It is a great workspace with friendly employees that will support you whilst you are learning how to complete work tasks.
My work experience also gave me an insight into how customers operated and the diversity that manufacturing offers the economy.
I would recommend to anyone wanting to participate in a work experience placement to apply to local businesses, particularly those operating in your sector of interest.
With the experience I have gained from working at Carmel Harrison PR I can now use this to my advantage in applying for different roles in the future and give me the competitive edge.

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